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RV Campgrounds OK'd For Ag Zone

CUMBERLAND – Recreational vehicle campgrounds are now allowed within the agricultural zoned districts of Cumberland County. The Board of Supervisors approved the ordinance change this month after a recommendation was provided by the County's Planning Commission.

Cumberland's zoning ordinance did not allow for campgrounds or recreational vehicle parks within any zoning district and the amendment now permits campgrounds within the A-2 zoning district as a conditional use.

According to the information, the amendment to Chapter 74-19 also allows annual renewals of special temporary use permits.

According to Bret Schardein, planning director, the revisions would allow applicants to operate an RV campground on their property by way of a conditional use permit and would also allow applicants to house temporary construction workers, for example, on their property by way of a special temporary use permit.

“I think we've pretty well got all the conditions worked out,” offered Schardein to the supervisors before the hearing. “The main concern was that could someone use an RV park to, basically, circumvent a trailer park? I think the conditions in here would keep the intent…” Trailer parks cannot be circumvented.

The Planning Commission discussed the proposed amendments to the County's Code and held its own public hearing earlier in June.

After receiving the Commission's recommendation, the Supervisors held a public hearing on July 10 and there were no speakers signed up to address the amendment.

According to the definitions section of the Code, recreational vehicle park, or an RV park, or an RV campground means a camping and overnight area for two or more recreational vehicles such as “pick-up coaches, motor homes, camping trailers, other vehicular accommodations, and tents, suitable for temporary habitation operated as a business or for a fee.”

A campground, according to the information, must be served by water and sewer systems and approved by the Cumberland County Health Department.

“A recreational vehicle park shall not be construed to mean a mobile home park or be used for permanent residence,” the Code states. “Continuous occupancy for more than 14 days in any 30 day period or more than six months in any 12 month period shall be prohibited, except that one permanent residence may be permitted for the park owner or manager. Recreational vehicles shall comply with the setback requirements of the zoning ordinance.”