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She cautions against rezoning


Regarding “Walk2Campus seeks zoning change (Aug. 9),” Farmville has signs that declare it to be a historic town.

Effort has been made through the decades to preserve that special “small-town” atmosphere that we all enjoy. Surely there have been controversies about town planning before and will be in the future.

As well, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion about how things should be done, and, at the end of the day, decisions must be made.

However, the proposed rezoning designation, if approved, will forever change the historical area of our town. No longer will visitors be able to drive into town from South Main Street, pass through the “Welcome to Historic Farmville” archway, turn left onto High Street and quickly understand the architectural history that is part of our town.

Yes, there are multiple rental properties located there, but they are still houses. Short of The Weyanoke, our gorgeous churches on that street and Longwood’s beautiful campus, the next view will be, potentially, multiple apartment complexes.

Serious, extensive and careful research must be done before the town council and planning commission consider forever changing the historic district of Farmville.

I hope that the houses remain, the authentic atmosphere of this area remains and that apartment development(s) can occur in another, less historic, area of town.

Patricia Whitehurst Crute