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KFC finishing renovations

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant located on South Main Street is closer to finishing its renovations in the restaurant lobby and outside the restaurant, according to an announcement by the KFC corporate office.

The restaurant began undergoing renovations prior to the holiday season in December to focus on revitalizing both the outside of the building and the lobby.

According to a news release from Bacon Enterprises Inc., based in Danville, the interior of the Farmville KFC will include items that will personalize the restaurant.

This will include photos of Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, showcasing his travels around the world and encounters with other celebrities, according to the release. The inside of the restaurant will also have what is called a “signature bucket chandelier,” which will be in the center of the dining area and is meant to resemble the buckets that signature KFC chicken is served in.

Lastly, there will be a chalkboard on the front counter with “the name of the cook and the U.S. farm that supplied the chicken being freshly prepared in the restaurant that day,” the release cited. This will include the name of the cooks at the Farmville restaurant.

“We are proud of our restaurant’s new look, and we’re excited to invite the community to celebrate with us. We appreciate the support of the Farmville community and look forward to many more years of serving KFC’s World Famous Chicken to our guests,” Marcus Shelton, Vice President/Co-Owner of Bacon Enterprises, Inc., said in the release. “We want to thank everyone for their patience during our construction.”