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Cumberland County property transfers

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of January. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• CMH Homes to Marcus Henderson, 3.65 AC, Hamilton District. $194,500.

• FWR, Inc. to William Raymond, 39.080 AC, Madison District. $1.

• JCM III, LLC to Daves Construction, LLC, 4.04 AC, 3.06 AC, 2.13 AC, Hamilton District. $78,000.

• American Timberland, LLC to BTG Pactual OEF Property, Parcels. $18,523,177.31.

• Dennis L. Ownby, et als to Austin Blinn, et ux, 2 AC and 1.52 AC, Hamilton District. $172,500.

• Edward Herndon Robertson, Jr to Trices Lake, Inc., Lot, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Matthew S. Nuckols to Holman House, LLC, .776 AC and .412 AC, Hamilton District. $100,000.

• Elmer C. Ramsey to H2H4, LLC, 2 AC, Randolph District. $100,000.

• Gearl D. Reid to Harold S. Friend, et al, 1 AC, Randolph District. $4,000.

• William Walker Sanderson, III to William Walker Sanderson, III, 10.89 AC, Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• Craig L. Cook to Ellis R. Cook, et al, 2.972 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Brian Rhodes, et al to Jenkins Church Properties, LLC, 25 AC, 21.33 AC, 15 AC, 6 AC and 7 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Rebecca Susan Loving, 5.663 AC, Madison District. $94,500.

• Dustin L. Allen to Jarrod Bennet, et als, Parcel and ¾ AC, Madison District. $1.

• Roland F. Gilliam to Fred D. Lewis, Jr, 3.85 AC, Randolph District. $150,400.

• Barry M. Wenzig, et ux to Barry M. Wenzig, et al, 20.001 AC, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Leroy O. Pfeifer, Sr et ux to Benjamin A. Pfeiffer, et ux, 2.554 AC, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• One-Eyed Ranch, LLC to Stacy Adam Brown, 17.67 AC, Madison District. $292,000.

• Fannie Mae to Raymond Barnes, et ux, Lots, Madison District $140,000.

• Clarke Chastain Jones, et als to Wayne D. Morris, 47.12 AC, Hamilton District. $130,000.

• Taylor Manufacturing Company to Sharon Shepherd, et al, Lot, Randolph District. $95,000.

• Donald Lee Short, et ux to Keith A. Holman, et ux, 3.420 AC, Madison District. $245,000.

• Keith Barber Construction, Inc. to ESK Rentals, LLC, 8.17 AC, 25.18 AC, 5.26 AC, 2.01 AC, Randolph District. $94,560.

• Keith W. Barber to ESK Rentals, LLC, 3.81 AC, 2.45 AC, 31 AC, Randolph District. $385,440.