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Remembering a friend

To the Editor: If you please, I would like to take a few moments to reflect on the recent death of my friend, Diann Byrd ... Read more

LETTER – We are going to undo progressivism

To the Editor: I never agree with any of your editorial opinions, but I must say they’re never boring. I liked April 14th’s about Virginia ... Read more

LETTER – Antics of our politicians are ridiculous

To the Editor: We have three branches of government, and we used to have a Fourth Estate to help us make sure their shenanigans were ... Read more

Backpacks donated to the homeless

Heather Noe, of Meherrin, presented a donation of 14 backpacks to STEPS Inc., which operates the homeless prevention program serving a six-county region. The backpacks ... Read more

LETTER – South was a sprawling prison system

To the Editor: April 15, 2021 was the anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s death. Yes, he died on Good Friday, April 15, 1865. Speaking of ... Read more

OPINION — Protecting our children

Colorful blue pinwheel gardens are springing up in our area, the state and even across the nation, and you may be asking yourself, “What’s it ... Read more

OPINION – Windsor police incident should be investigated

On Wednesday, during the reconvened session, Governor Ralph Northam’s proposed changes to a marijuana legalization bill were accepted by the General Assembly. This allows limited ... Read more

OPINION — Virginia has transformed quickly to a progressive state

Even the most ardent opponents of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration must have some amount of respect for the magnitude of change that has been ... Read more

OPINION — Marijuana legalization is very bad policy

The 2021 General Assembly reconvened session that occurred last week was almost exactly what I expected it to be – a confirmation of the 2021 ... Read more

OPINION — Marijuana legislation makes very little sense

The reconvened session was held last week with few surprises. Most Republican proposed legislation had already been killed. For this reason, we mostly considered technical ... Read more

COLUMN — SVCC students impact many aspects of daily life

Have you recently had a medical appointment? Conducted business online? Needed your electricity restored after storm damage? If so, you may have benefited from the ... Read more

COLUMN — A thank you letter

When I moved to Farmville in April 2016, it was an unsettling time in my life. Yes, I had the blessing of a full-time job ... Read more

COLUMN — Ruling seems to give town control of statue

A recent Virginia Supreme Court ruling could free up the Town of Farmville to finally determine the fate of the town’s Confederate statue. The ruling ... Read more

LETTER – Chairman’s slight was a personal vendetta

To the Editor: Not partisan politics but personal vendettas. Partisan politics are usually rooted in some fundamental principle. Vendettas seek vengeance, not resolution.  Buckingham County ... Read more

LETTER – Gold mining is toxic

To the Editor – Recent concerns about potential gold mining in Buckingham County should have many people worried. There is a great cause for alarm ... Read more

LETTER – You cannot support environmental justice and this landfill

To the Editor: Jerry Cifor, the president of Green Ridge Recycling and Disposal Facility, is a salesman trying to sell the idea that his 1,200-acre ... Read more

LETTER — We need supervisors who respect the citizens

To the Editor: Thank you, Roger Watson, for your editorial on Buckingham’s future regarding ‘Poisonous partisanship affecting local governments.’ The situation at the Buckingham School ... Read more

LETTER — Land Use Program keeps us backward and poor

To the Editor: Property taxes are the main source of tax revenue for most jurisdictions. Cumberland County consists of approximately 192,000 acres. In Cumberland, more ... Read more

COLUMN — We are what environmental justice looks like

The 500-member-strong Agee-Miller-Mayo-Dungy Family Association are descended members of the historically Black Pine Grove community. We are the owners and custodians of the historic Pine ... Read more

COLUMN — Detective Entrekin goes above and beyond for veteran

Standing in the Amelia Veteran’s Cemetery Thursday, Farmville Police Detective Sammy Entrekin seemed a bit surprised he was getting so much attention for just doing ... Read more

LETTER — What will be next for Cumberland?

To the Editor: People claim that Powhatan doesn’t want any development, but when you cross the border into Cumberland County it is a totally different ... Read more

LETTER — Murders in cities far outnumber mass shootings

To the Editor: I read with great interest the latest letters concerning gun reform in the U.S. In 2020, 774 murders occurred in Chicago, 447 ... Read more

The cause of environmental justice has been hijacked

By Jerry Cifor President of Green Ridge Recycling and Disposal For decades, low-income communities and communities of color have been targeted locations for so-called “undesirable” ... Read more

LETTER — How many more have to die?

To the Editor: These people who were murdered in Colorado died in defense of gun rights. We all know that gun rights are far more ... Read more

LETTER — Gold mining presents a real danger

To the Editor: Thank you for Titus Mohler’s February 24 article, “Gold mining bill passes Senate.” As the threat of modern, large-scale commercial gold mining ... Read more

LETTER — Greater care needed with Habitat story

To the Editor: I read with concern your story about the unfinished Habitat house. To me it sounded more like an individual grievance than an ... Read more

COLUMN — Fiber remains the best option for broadband

I  can remember how everyone’s hopes were raised in Charlotte County when Microsoft teamed with MBC and promised to bring free wireless to all school ... Read more

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