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Opinion — The ABCs of schooling

Once upon a time, families sent their children to school to learn the basics of education. We called that the ABCs, but the goal was ... Read more

Letter — What do Americans do?

To the Editor: Americans are generally “peaceful” people — at least to a point. Mostly, we ‘re content to do our fighting in the media ... Read more

LETTER – Gold mining should be banned

To the Editor: After six years of the ACP challenge, here we go again! The residents of Buckingham County, along with their air, water and ... Read more

Redistricting in Virginia

The Virginia Redistricting Commission will not finish its work on the state’s legislative maps and will instead move on to drawing maps for the state’s ... Read more

LETTER – Ethics or party

To the Editor: When we voters choose the candidate to vote for we have choices. Do we vote for what a political party stands for, ... Read more

Column – Cotton candy

Remember when you were 3 or 4 years old, and you went to your first county fair? As your parents walked you past the man ... Read more

Opinion — Grant program available

It was announced last week that a new grant program designed to support equitable and sustainable local food systems for small-scale agricultural producers, farmers markets ... Read more

Editorial — Crash or accident?

There seems to be a lot of traffic crashes lately, and whether that’s attributable to the pandemic, a growing population or something else is anyone’s ... Read more

LETTER – Kudos to Giles

To the Editor: Kudos to Ms. Juanita Giles in her letter to the editor, “Refugees are people, just like us.” She exemplifies the true spirit ... Read more

COLUMN – Visiting America’s southern border

I have often stated that the greatest responsibility of government is the safety and security of its citizens. The federal government is responsible for protecting ... Read more

LETTER – Support fair-minded candidates

To the Editor, Vote as empowered citizens. Support our beloved veterans and military families. To serve in the military ranks, soldiers are honor-minded. Chain of ... Read more

COLUMN – Why policing matters

When we drive a little fast and see blue lights, it is easy to question why we have so many police officers. However, that is ... Read more

The need for power of attorney

By Mark McGahee A power of attorney is a legal instrument that delegates an individual’s legal authority to another person. If an individual is incapacitated, ... Read more

Letter — Solar projects and erosion

To the Editor: The Berkely Group Consultant, Mr. Darrin Coffey, expressed some of the same concerns at the last meeting that Friends of The Meherrin ... Read more

Voting, districts and more issues

I  have compiled a list of important dates pertaining to the November Elections. Early voting began Sept. 17 and ends Oct. 30. Oct. 12 is ... Read more

Letter — Choose school board wisely

To the Editor: A recent edition of The Farmville Herald contained an article stating that Dr. James Dumminger will be running a write-in campaign as ... Read more

Good riddance

To the Editor: This letter is my reaction to a recent letter to your paper from Chris Brochon. It is my understanding that Chris Brochon ... Read more

Children still need grace

They were all in their bunks after a fun but long day at the campground. The lights were out, and they were all supposed to ... Read more

Understanding small business and inflation

Last week, I wrote regarding the dilemma created in the business world driven by COVID, the fear of COVID and the government’s mishandled responses. A ... Read more

LETTER – Refugees are people, just like us

To the Editor: Was it really just a few weeks ago that the plight of our allies in Afghanistan moved people to compassion? Was it ... Read more

Letter — In support of Kimbrough

To the Editor: Ann and I are supporting Susan Kimbrough for the Prince Edward County School Board seat in District 701. Susan has an excellent ... Read more

Editorial — Reflect and remember

In last Friday’s newspaper, we published coverage of the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Hopefully you had the opportunity to ... Read more

Opinion — Repeal the grocery tax

Glenn Youngkin has made ending the tax on groceries a major pillar of his campaign, and for good reason. Not only is it good policy ... Read more

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Take a look at your surroundings. Are you inside your home, office or classroom? Are you at a coffee shop? Perhaps you are in a ... Read more

COLUMN – Repeal the grocery tax

Glenn Youngkin has made ending the tax on groceries a major pillar of his campaign, and for good reason. Not only is it good policy ... Read more

Opinion — New services available

You can vote early at your local registrar’s office beginning 45 days before Election Day and ending the Saturday before Election Day. Early Voting starts ... Read more

Off to La La Land

For those who aren’t convinced that national journalism has problems understanding the difference between fact and fiction, I thought I would share with you an ... Read more

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