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Just like bluebells, we will bloom again

Mertensia virginica, commonly known as Virginia bluebells, are always a welcome sight for my family. We wait all year for them to arrive. Finally, early ... Read more

Remove all the statues

Dear Editor: I have the perfect solution to the statue issue. To please everyone, remove all statues, monuments, plaques to any person, place or thing. Yes ... Read more

Details of CARES Act explained

Virginia continues to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak as best we can. But the toll is impossible to ignore. Hundreds are ill, and more than ... Read more

We are all on Team Virginia

Dear Editor: On behalf of the Virginia High School League (VHSL), I want to thank you for your leadership and cooperation during this unprecedented health ... Read more

Moving the statue would be sad

Dear Editor: On walks down High Street to town, we passed it, and mother explained he was the soldier who protected Farmville during the war. ... Read more

History cannot be changed

Dear Editor: Only if a time machine is used to go back in history to change events. Since it has taken so many years for ... Read more

Moving statue would hurt tourism

Dear Editor: Politicians start wars, generals prosecute wars, but the common soldier fights and dies in wars. The Confederate monument in Farmville is not dedicated ... Read more

More monuments are needed

Dear Editor: One thought and a suggestion – 1) Let us remember that our Confederate statue is not in memory of a rich, slave-owning plantation ... Read more

A place to find shelter

As spring bursts forth, we find ourselves living in a strange and different world. Flowers bloom, birds sing, the sun shines — and people increasingly ... Read more

No funds should be used to move statue

Dear Editor: There is a concern in Farmville about a statue put on High Street by the Daughters of the Confederacy many, many years ago. ... Read more

Save the statue

Dear Editor: I ask all sensible people to encourage the town leaders not to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to move a statue that ... Read more

Bail out Mom and Pop

Dear Editor: On Friday, the 20th of March, an article which I had written about another bailout for the billionaires may be misconstrued as the ... Read more

Schools are never closed

Dear Editor: On March 23, Gov. Ralph Northam announced that all K-12 schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia will be closed through the remainder of ... Read more

Love thy neighbor

Dear Editor: The letters in the Friday March 13 edition of The Herald I hope will give inspiration to all our neighbors and churchgoers to ... Read more

Longwood should be renamed

Dear Editor: “Before Appomattox, there was Farmville. Still reeling from the battle of Sailor’s Creek, General Robert E. Lee and his men in gray moved ... Read more

We need better grocery options

Dear Editor: Once again the poor state of grocery shopping in Farmville has made itself known. As a senior citizen, I decided that until concerns ... Read more

Guest columnist says talk of statue removal is painful

I have been reading with interest the opinions of those concerned about the Confederate monument and thought I would write to offer some historical context ... Read more

Power of prayer is needed now

Dear Editor: Has America and the world gone crazy, deaf, dumb, or blind? I’ve heard a lot of briefings and updates lately concerning the coronavirus ... Read more

Letter – Schools are never closed

Editor: On March 23, Gov. Ralph Northam announced that all K-12 schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia will be closed through the remainder of the ... Read more

Letter – If statue is a problem, so is Longwood name

Editor: ” Before Appomattox, there was Farmville. Still reeling from the battle of Sailor’s Creek , General Robert E. Lee and his men in gray ... Read more

Thank a Vietnam vet

Dear Editor: March 29, 2020 marks National Vietnam Veterans Day, which recognizes and honors all Vietnam Era Veterans and their families. The historic significance of ... Read more

Please protect the underprivileged

Dear Mr. President, Governors, Senators, Representatives and all Public Officials – I am writing this on behalf of the many citizens of the wonderful state ... Read more

Virus is immune to diversions

I’m having a difficult time dealing with this coronavirus thing. What’s bugging me is this crisis is almost inescapable. In times when the news cycle ... Read more

Letter – Confederate statue should be moved

Dear Editor: As The Herald has reported, “Mayor says Town to evaluate options on statue.” I have some thoughts: If anything offends anybody, it should ... Read more

Dowdy honored with 2019 Financial Representative of the Year award

Charles “Chuck” H. Dowdy III, financial representative, was recently honored by Northwestern Mutual Insurance and John Vander Hyde, managing partner for Virginia, with the 2019 ... Read more

Letter – Statue should stay

Dear Editor: Thank you for publishing the very insightful letter regarding Confederate statues from Mr. Taylor Harris of Halifax, Virginia. I wholeheartedly support his facts ... Read more

A message to our readers

The Farmville Herald staff has been working hard in recent days to ensure we remain — both in print and online — a trusted source ... Read more

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