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EDITORIAL — A new day has come in Farmville

It was encouraging to see area law enforcement officials standing on the Prince Edward County Courthouse steps Monday, June 1, declaring their shock and expressing ... Read more

Letter – Farmville must remove its Confederate soldier monument

Dear Editor: We unequivocally need to remove the Confederate soldier monument in Farmville. The statue was erected in 1900, while Jim Crow was in full ... Read more

Coronavirus is taking a heavy toll

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our nation and on the 5th District. Christine and I are heartbroken by the incredible loss ... Read more

Eggleston proposes cuts to staff, council pay

As the months go by and the country remains under the grip of a global pandemic, it becomes clear that things have changed. The coronavirus ... Read more

Senator questions Northam’s decisions

We all grew up being told more, bigger, and better is good. Such phrases as “keeping up with the Joneses” was the mantra of the ... Read more

A disposal site with flair

The Rice trash drop-off site has a pleasing, perky appearance. Germaine Mobley, the worksite attendant for more than 20 years, has beautified the site with ... Read more

Housing options are few for young professionals

My boyfriend and I have been looking for a new place to rent. I know, our timing is impeccable. Hunting for housing during the pandemic ... Read more

Editorial – We have to stop the spread of the virus now

Our community’s health is now up to us, and so far, we are not doing so well. As government restrictions fade away, the economy reopens ... Read more

SVCC is continuing its mission through the pandemic

A year ago when I accepted the offer to serve as Southside Virginia Community College’s (SVCC) sixth president, the world was a different place. People ... Read more

We have much to mourn

This is a time for mourning. We began the week as we have traditionally done with Memorial Day, mourning for those that we have lost ... Read more

Ring this bell, three times well

A donation from the Centra Southside Community Hospital Auxilary has brought joyful smiles and sounds of triumph to the ears of the patients and staff ... Read more

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Summer is almost here, and the weather is improving. Fortunately, so is the coronavirus situation around most of the commonwealth. As of this writing, the ... Read more

Data center article was informative

Dear Editor: Titus Mohler did an excellent article on the data center possibilities. He got to the president of the data center organizations who gave ... Read more

Save the postal service

Dear Editor: Imagine what life would be like without the U.S. Postal Service.  Daily delivery would stop.  Letters, cards, bills, solicitations, packages – all sorts ... Read more

$10K from town for businesses is good start, not nearly enough

The Town of Farmville is doing the right thing in providing $10,000 to the Farmville Industrial Development Authority (FIDA). The money will be used by ... Read more

Trucking industry is in distress

Dear Editor: My name is Stephanie Orem. I am writing this letter on behalf of Lynda Stockton, a Navy veteran and current truck driver. I ... Read more

Stanley responds to citizen’s letter about tax rate

Dear Editor: Entering into the position of supervisor for Cumberland County, it became apparent that we had two major challenges: communication and transparency to our ... Read more

Reader responds with Roosevelt’s words

Dear Editor: In response to Mr. Peca’s letter, “Trump only cares about re-election” The initial thought, of the reader, was of the many ways and ... Read more

Bob Toney was a treasure

Dear Editor: Thanks for the very good May 1 coverage by Alexa Massey of the passing of our friend and neighbor Robert (Bob) Toney, founder ... Read more

Farmville will thrive through this crisis

This hard spring of 2020 in Farmville and for America is one we will never forget. Our proud two-college town has never looked more beautiful ... Read more

We must do better for Virginians who are hurting

Gov. Ralph Northam has signed Executive Order 61 in an effort to ease some of the restrictions he put in place due to the ongoing ... Read more

Have governors exceeded their authority?

Dear Editor: The question is, are our individual civil liberties and rights being impinged by state governors, their staffs and bureaucrats with the issuance of ... Read more

The unemployed need help becoming small business owners

While reimagining Farmville during this time of stopping and resetting the economy as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, economic development is an important part ... Read more

Vote out tax-and-spend supervisors

Dear Editor: I am very upset that three supervisors of Cumberland County voted for the massive real estate tax increase that was recently passed. I ... Read more

Trump only cares about re-election

Dear Editor: There are still people out there who think President Trump didn’t do anything wrong responding to the coronavirus epidemic. Here’s all you need ... Read more

My visit to the medical clinic

My recent trip to Centra Medical Group to address some non- COVID-19 symptoms I’ve been experiencing lately ended up being a fascinating experience. First of ... Read more

Godspeed Class of 2020

Dear Longwood and Hampden-Sydney Classes of 2020: Farmville has missed you. Your “adopted” hometown is not the same without you—it is eerily quiet without your ... Read more

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