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EDITORIAL — More transparency needed

It is encouraging that after a week of classes, Longwood University is reporting only four positive cases of COVID-19. Looking around at other universities in ... Read more

Redistricting amendment is fair

For three quarters of the last century, Virginia was effectively a one-party state. That political party could enact anything they wanted. Because they controlled the ... Read more

Thanks for Early article

To The Editor: Thank you, Alexa Massey, for the article, “Coming to terms with the past.” I’m grateful for the perspective of a Confederate general’s ... Read more

Johns should be honored with statue in Capitol

Barbara Johns’ story of courage and determination that began Monday, April 23, 1951, when the 16-year-old led a walkout of 450 students at Moton High ... Read more

Democrats’ agenda weakens law enforcement efforts

The House of Delegates adjourned last Friday and is subject to the call of the speaker with 48 hours notice. As of this writing, that ... Read more

COLUMN — Barbara Johns should be honored with statue in U.S. Capitol

Barbara Johns’ story of courage and determination that began Monday, April 23, 1951, when the 16-year-old led a walkout of 450 students at Moton High ... Read more

COLUMN — OnStar to connect vets in crisis

These unprecedented times have left many Americans feeling vulnerable and insecure. In Congress, I have continued to work to address these concerns. Recently, I sponsored ... Read more

Officials respond to CARES funding column

Editor’s Note — This joint opinion piece is in response to a column titled, “County gives PE businesses CARES crumbs” in the Wednesday, Aug. 19, ... Read more

COLUMN — The return of the big screen

Movies have long been near and dear to my heart, and I’m sure many in our community would echo that sentiment as well. Consequently, it ... Read more

What has to happen for schools to reopen?

The decision by area school systems to begin the school year with remote learning is a good one. Looking at the problems faced by schools ... Read more

Retaining our current businesses should be first goal

A Friday morning conversation in downtown Farmville with Caryn Kayton of Caryn’s Bridals Formals and Tuxedos and Carol Broadwater of Amish Originals brought about an ... Read more

In-person voting should be used whenever possible

To The Editor: In reference to the letter regarding increasing stamp prices, the problems in our postal service predate this administration. Blaming this or any ... Read more

Virginia needs more school nurses

To The Editor: The Virginia Association of School Nurses (VASN) welcomes Gov. Ralph Northam’s plan to reopen schools and we look forward to seeing our ... Read more

Letter – Deputy should be fired

To The Editor: Thank you for printing “Deputy’s FB post questioned,” and the subsequent note of apology by Deputy Chris Fishburne. His Facebook posts are ... Read more

COLUMN — Tips on how to cook

As someone who spends much of her free time in the kitchen mastering the art of home cookery, I am often approached by friends and ... Read more

LETTER — We The People must stand united

To The Editor: Thank you for “Deputy’s Facebook post questioned” by Alexa Massey. This topic reflects the inequality that the Poor People’s Campaign addresses when ... Read more

COLUMN — Hard work, determination can take us far

The last two months we have seen many demonstrations regarding equality for all.  It is right and fair to have orderly conversations and demonstrations about ... Read more

LETTER — Raise the price of stamps

To The Editor: This is just the right time for more problems to be facing the American people. I think in the past when the ... Read more

LETTER — Deputy apologizes for Facebook post

To The Editor: I recently shared a post on Facebook that was rude and offensive, and I need to apologize for that. It’s important to ... Read more

Assault on town council is an assault on us all

To The Editor: Mr. Jim Wilck’s recent rantings against our elected representatives on Farmville Town Council are lacking in substance, clarity and validity. The removed ... Read more

SVCC to reopen with options

Southside Virginia Community College will reopen its doors Monday, Aug. 24, with a full schedule of offerings and a range of attendance options that incorporate ... Read more

Letter – Council doesn’t want our opinion

To The Editor: Choo, choo, choo! You have just been railroaded by your town council. Oops, it’s obviously not your town council. It belongs to ... Read more

Letter – Early voting begins Sept. 18

This year Virginia voters will be able to vote early for the November 3 election.  Early voting in Virginia starts September 18 and runs through ... Read more

Column – County gives PE businesses CARES crumbs

Local businesses seem to have gotten the short end of the stick from Prince Edward County officials when it comes to grant funding from the ... Read more

COLUMN — Getting tough on China

Even as Congress adapts to new realities during the COVID-19 pandemic, I continue to work with the House China Task Force to combat aggression by ... Read more

LETTER — Landfill issue is not forgotten

To The Editor: It has been 26 months since Cumberland residents learned the local Board of Supervisors had been making plans with Green Ridge Recycling ... Read more

LETTER — News on postal service crisis needed

To The Editor: Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the United States Postal Service had been atrophying from financial turmoil. Over the past decade, post offices have ... Read more

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